Ginsu Millionaire hits top position on Google in just two days…

After listing for two days on Craigslist my Ginsu Millionaire CD collection reached a top of the first page position on the premier Google search engine. Using the search words “Ginsu Millionaire” the two day old listing popped right up. This was a huge surprise to me and I wonder if it’s some kind of record. I’m the guy who created the original Ginsu Knife TV package back in 1978 and my CD collection is based on my book written to show anyone how to emulate my success in the “As Seen On TV” world. Even more surprising is the fact that the website, created by Liquid Focus to promote my collection of secrets, reached number two in the same listing – and that after only one day. In the CD collection I reveal methods learned during my more than 30 year career in the “As Seen On TV” industry.  Among other things, my claim is that anyone with a good idea or a suitable product can become a millionaire in this business.  I describe the features that are included in a successful TV product. What is interesting to many is that I also show that a product, idea or invention can easily be financed and I include introductions to contacts who can do this.


Ginsu Millionaire Reveals Secrets For First Time…. One Idea Can Make You $1,000,000

DRTV veteran of over 30 years – the Ginsu Millionaire will reveal his secrets for the first time. I’m Michael Walshe and I created products, TV commercials and marketing concepts for items such as the Ginsu Knife, Miracle Painter, Rocket Chef, Titanium II Knives. I know that anyone can find a hot product and that so many people have good ideas and great inventions. I can show you how to find products and the direction to take in order to make them pay out for you in the “As Seen On TV” industry. Our vision should tell us that good ideas will be the foundation of our economy as we move into the future – and I urge all to develop their ideas and act on them. Visit my blog at the link on the right for the latest articles and info.